Decpac Mobility Ramps - Personal, Multipurpose, Senior, & Edge barrier

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• Lightweight yet durable portable ramps suitable for a wide range of use
• Extensive range of sizes and types
• Manufactured with a unique combination of fibreglass and carbon fibre material
• Multi-panelled, hinge system folds with a concertina action, allowing ramp to be folded to a single compact
unit for easy storage and transportation
• Non-slip grip surface and pads at top and base for added protection
• Personal ramp is ideal for small areas and obstacles and includes a carry bag
• Multipurpose ramps are longer, wider and ideal for commercial and travel situations. Includes a carry bag.
• Senior ramps are available in a wide range of lengths to suit many different obstacles
• Edge Barrier ramps have the added security of edge barriers for access to buildings, vehicles, buses, trains
etc or where a permanent ramp is impractical
• All ramps are tested and conform to Australian Standards
• Specify type/length

Code Type Length Width Max Height Ramp Weight Max User Weight
ND0080 Personal 700mm 750mm 180mm 4.7kg 300kg
ND0070 Multipurpose 870mm 840mm 220mm 5.6kg 300kg
ND0200 Multipurpose 1000mm 840mm 250mm 6.0kg 300kg
ND0150 Senior 900mm 750mm 230mm 4.8kg 300kg
ND0100 Senior 1200mm 750mm 300mm 8.3kg 300kg
ND0110 Senior 1350mm 750mm 340mm 8.5kg 300kg
ND0260 Senior 1500mm 750mm 380mm 9.6kg 300kg
ND0120 Senior 1650mm 750mm 410mm 10.8kg 300kg
ND0270 Senior 1850mm 750mm 460mm 11.2kg 300kg
ND0130 Senior 2000mm 750mm 500mm 11.7kg 300kg
ND0210 Senior 2500mm 750mm 630mm 14.8kg 300kg
ND0140 Senior 3000mm 750mm 750mm 22.1kg 300kg
ND0220 Senior 3500mm 750mm 880mm 24.7kg 300kg
ND0020 Edge Barrier 900mm 820mm 230mm 6.0kg 300kg
ND0030 Edge Barrier 1200mm 820mm 300mm 9.7kg 300kg
ND0280 Edge Barrier 1350mm 820mm 340mm 11.1kg 300kg
ND0040 Edge Barrier 1500mm 820mm 380mm 11.8kg 300kg
ND0230 Edge Barrier 1650mm 820mm 410mm 13.0kg 300kg
ND0060 Edge Barrier 2000mm 820mm 500mm 13.7kg 300kg
ND0050 Edge Barrier 2500mm 820mm 630mm 23.0kg 300kg
ND0240 Edge Barrier 3000mm 820mm 750mm 27.3kg 300kg
ND0250 Edge Barrier 3500mm 820mm 880mm 31.5kg 300kg

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